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Groningen 25 mei 2014
University city in the North of Holland

Small tasty Dutch strawberries: "klein maar fijn"

In front of the Groninger Museum

Actually a bicycle shop

House for the poor

The Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the University of Groningen, is the second-oldest
university in the Netherlands and one of three State Universities of the Netherlands.
It was established in 1614. While the university has its share of modern buildings,
both in and out of town, the Academiegebouw is an old and attractive building with
a tower.

Lunch for only 6,50 euro, including free sauce and dessert at Hasret in the Oude Ebbingestraat


Prinsenhof & Prinsentuin, Martinikerkhof 23. Just a short walk from
the Grote Markt, the lovely Renaissanse gardens of the Prinsenhof
can be a remarkably peaceful place to relax for a little while.
It has a rose garden a herb garden and The Prinsenhof building
originates in the 15th century and was originally a wealthy mansion
for the city's bisshop or "stadtholder", and later was used as a
military hospital. Now, a restaurant within the building.

Martinitoren 96,8m

Grote Markt

Gold Office (Goudkantoor), Waagplein 1. This beautifully decorated building
on the edge of the Grote Markt is hard to miss. Built in 1635, it originally
served as the office for the city receiver. The words "Date Caesari quae sunt
Caesaris", Latin for "render unto Caesar" which is Caesar's, still reminds
of this early function of the building. Later, between 1814 and 1887, it served
as a gold office in the sense that this was the place where gold and silver
works were authenticated and marked as real. Today it's a café.