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Kingīs Day in Amsterdam
TiasNimbas Business School Utrecht students
26 april 2014

Despite all warnings for busy trains, we donīt experience any problems with
reaching Amsterdam Central Station. In the contrary. Outskirts of Amsterdam
look pretty quiet. The square in front of the station is busy, but not
exceptional. Trams and busses are not riding and taxi's are held out of the
central area.

We walk to Harlemmerplein where Weiwei will meet her classmates and other
invitees and get on the boat from 15:00 till 19:00. As she already predicted,
some (girls) ate late, so we  wait for about half an hour before everybody is
onboard. I have never been to Amsterdam during Queens Day, now with the first
King's Day I do, because I want to bring Weiwei and pick her up also. I am not
intested in the boat tour myself, because I am not a party animal and dislike
load music.

After they left, I follow the boat shortly in the direction of the Central
Station from different viewpoints - mainly bridges - underwhile walking through
Haarlemmerstraat especially to see what happened near Tibetan restaurant Snow Lion.
Continuing with a last view at the student boat and walk across the city centre
to the east of the center.

Main festivities are at several squares and other open spaces with live music
or dj's. Only AH ToGo supermarkets are open, untill I find 2 supermarkets on
the westside of the centre (near Overtoom and Kinkerstraat) still to be open.
In this area the street markets have already stopped and reaching the city
center again some drunk young men behave agressive, I see two fights happening,
so the party is over. More and more ambulances and police cars appear.
Time to leave.

I receive a message from Weiwei that she would almost be back at the same point
where the boat started. I notice the boat and pick her up. Some classmates are
drunk and need help to get home. We walk to Chinatown to have dinner in Kam Kee,
as Weiwei wants. Some drunk dutch men at the table next to ours question us
about our relationship. But they are kind and laughing. Around nine we leave
Amsterdam, again with seats available in the train.

Enjoy the pictures. A lot!