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Lunar New Year 2014

January 18th, shopping in Den Haag

January 30th.
Prepared 3 cold dishes and 1 soup dish for Chinese Lunar New Year Eve Dinner at my classmate’s apartment.

3 cold dishes: spiced beef, spiced eggs, sausages
1 soup dish: pork with lotus roots and peanut
(lotus roots are most popular during winter in my hometown province and one of the necessities for the Eve lunch or dinner)

Snacks for Chinese Lunar New Year: watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, lucky candies, and mandarins (orange color is popular during the festival)

preparing lunch

(we saved the chicken for the next days)

On the front door is an upside down Chinese character "Happiness".
The pronunciation of being upside down is the same as "coming". So an upside down Happiness means happiness is coming to our house.

fish balls


Normally, the Eve lunch or dinner is the most important family gathering meal for every Chinese family.
Every family tries to make an even number of dishes, like: 6, 8, 10, 12,...
4 is not allowed because the pronunciation is close to death.
Odd number 9 is also good because 9 stands for emperor in ancient times.
Older generation has to give red pockets (with money) to children during the meal to wish them grow up fast and healthy.
And many families also watch the CCTV gala at the same time.

Late afternoon, preparing dinner with classmates (photos by iPhone)

January 31st
University basement Lunar New Year party
Taiwanese classmate Henry is playing the God of Wealth, and wishes everyone will become rich in the new year.

On the first day of the New Year, older generation has to give red pockets to young generation in the family and from the relatives, including children again.

There is a saying about food also: first day dumplings, and second day noodles.

Dessert with a layer of 'beschuit', a layer of 'lange vingers'

and Dr. Oetker kookpudding

1 night in the fridge

next day
add whipped cream, pineapple pieces and strawberries