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Nijmegen 19 oktober 2013

2 NS-day tickets euro 12,50 each

crossing the Waal River (photo by iPhone)

Nijmegen railway station

a monument for Ferdinand Hamer, the famous local missionary. This priest was
assassinated by the Chinese two years before during the Boxer Rebellion.
Bishop Hamer had become a martyr. For this reason he was honoured with a statue.
More about these missionaries on the website of Harry Knipschild:

Central Market


Hot dog from Hema for 2 euro

Hema saucijzenbroodje 1,50 euro

for building the rail road from Nijmegen to Cleve in Germany, opened August 8th 1865



Maoz vegetarian at the central market


He is going to marry

February 22nd 1944, bombing of Nijmegen by The Allies
American bombers destroyed the center of Nijmegen, Enschede, Arnhem, and Deventer, also
near the border, mistaking them for German territory on their return from an unsuccessful mission to
destroy Nazi industrial targets. About 800 people died in Nijmegen - as many as in the
Nazi destruction of Rotterdam. Thousands lay wounded.
On what many Dutch people consider to be the worst day of the Second World War.
The attack struck Nijmegen - a Batavian-Roman city about 4 kilometers inside the Netherlands
across the border with Germany - from a clear blue sky at 1:30 in the afternoon, obliterating
most of the inner city and eliminating its train station.

The easiest way to explain holes in cheese is to blame
it all on the little mice that have nibbled away on it...

Tenzin Tibet Huis
Lange Hezelstraat 38

time for ice with chocolate and tea

Pieter d'Hondt
Dame met stola
in front of the Stadsschouwburg (city theatre)