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Tropenmuseum 23 april 2014

central exhibition "Zwart & Wit" (Black & White), about skin color

Wu Xing bicycle

Wajang Kulit. Java Indonesia.
1.Dutch soldier with cannon on guncarriage and rifle.
2.General De Kock took Diponegoro prisoner with treachery, and won the war.
3.Black KNIL soldier. Between 1836-1872 African soldiers were recruited for the Dutch colonial Army.
4.Prince Diponegoro. Leader of the revolt against Dutch rule.
5.Sentot was Diponegoro's general in the guerilla was against the Dutch.
6.Kjai Modjo, moslem leader, declared a jihad (holy war) against the Dutch.

old map of Batavia / Jakarta

One particular genre in Javanese shadow puppet theatre, Wayang Diponegoro, is
about the Java War (1825 - 1830). The wayang figures represent the opposing armies.
Assembled on the right, the Javanese army led by Prince Diponegorol;
on the left, the Dutch camp under General De Kock.

Islamic architecture

Self made computer photo
part of "Photo studio Bagdad", an exhibition of 100 photos by Yaseen Al-Obeidy, about the daily life in a suburb of Bagdad.

Lunch at Mr.Visserplein (square) near the AH supermarket

bridge Amstel-Nieuwe Herengracht

wooden bridge called "Magere brug" which means lean bridge

Hermitage royal garden

in front of the Stopera theatre

Oudemanhuispoort, access from the Kloveniersburgwal
also part of Amsterdam University, UvA.

Dam Square is ready for the May holiday