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Utrecht Indonesian Day 2014
13 September 2014

Organized by Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia "the Indonesian Students
Association" (PPI) Utrecht and Stichting Generasi Baru.

With this year’s theme, from Sabang to Merauke, we are proud to present
Indonesia’s traditional culture from the Western to Eastern part of
Indonesia for everyone to see, learn, and enjoy.

From Sabang (West Sumatra) to Merauke (East Papua)

2 visitors

Wei & Neshya


Saté Ayam with wet rice and krupuk

Kite workshop

Neshya and Ambassador Retno Marsudi

Indonesian traditional songs by PPI Utrecht


Ambassador Retno Marsudi

Kelana Mask dance by Kania Linda

Belibis dance by PPI Groningen

Angklung (Bamboo musical instrument) by PPI Eindhoven

Poems by Syafri Bahar

Golek Dance by PPI Utrecht

Sinabung song by komunitas Karo